Tie-dye card holder
-Design for outing by learning the craftsmanship (Tie-dye) during study trip

During the 20-day study tour, we saw traditional folk arts and crafts from various ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province, China. These include tie dyeing techniques, silver crafts, and bamboo weaving.
Nowadays, the use of cash is declining, and each person only needs a few cards and mobile phones (in 2015, China's electronic payment was not as developed as it is today). Different card designs are getting better and better, and they are also very good as decoration. So I thought of designing a transparent card packaging that can be used as decoration. At the same time, I like very natural tie-dye patterns. So I made a combination.
I started 3D-modeling with Rhino. A transparent acrylic plate was used as the material and the desired shape was completed by laser cutting.
The card pack is a spinning combination that is divided into two parts, each of which can hold three cards. Easy to disassemble and install.
Size: Regular hexagon side length 9 cm
Materials: acrylic sheet,
Tie dye pigments, fine belt, small bamboo stick.
Central academy of fine arts,
Beijing, China 2015
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