The Wave
-"Design for Middle School" competition
- Won the third prize in the competition.
Competition requirements:
The design of a modern sculpture (public work of art) for a middle school must have its own concept and correspond to the atmosphere and image of the middle school.

The inspiration for this project comes from the natural perspective of my personal interest. Because this is a public artwork designed for the middle school campus. Therefore, what is taught through artworks should be positive and encourage students. The design must not only adapt to the campus atmosphere, but also have a modern aesthetic.
The most powerful force in my head always comes from nature, the waves are the release of a natural force, they are constantly moving forward and after a wave wave, whether it is strong or weak, it never stops.
Just like the path to knowledge, the path to life is the same. We always have to move forward, even if it is sometimes boring and sometimes full of passion, but we need to keep moving forward and constantly breaking through our former selves.​​​​​​​
Size: a ball 3m in diameter
Materials: glass / stainless steel. (Rhino 3d modeling)
Central academy of fine arts,
Beijing, China 2015
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