- design with wind

Wind and gravity - if you look at this two words, you might only associate them with scientific and technological experiments, so how do you relate these physics terms to aesthetics and design?

In this project, we wanted to express the invisible wind in an artistic way. Just like the windmill or wind chimes in the garden , seeing it spin or hearing the sound makes it clear that there is wind. We chose to use wind and gravity in the project to propel Spina to paint freely on the ceramic.

Spina is an interactive co-working installation with nature. Nature acts as an co-designer in this project, draws random but at the same time highly aesthetic patterns. Driven by wind and gravity, the spina's own balanced parts rotate freely while the glaze in the containers paints a variety of random patterns on the ceramic. 

Designed and made by Yixin Li & Qingyao Lin. 2021, Folkwang University of arts, Germany
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