Paper accordion
- The old accordion becomes a new chair. (Old things redesign)

The key word was "old things". My first reaction was to go to the Beijing flea market.
The old things there are very interesting, the usage value is very low, but the memory value of the collection is very high.
I saw many old instruments in the flea market, and the accordion brought back memories of my childhood. I learned the accordion, but later gave up. When I saw these yellow buttons, it was like seeing my past childhood.
The accordion bought at the flea market was no longer usable because the time was too long and the tone was completely imprecise. So I just took it apart. The bellows part reminded me of a traditional folk paper-craft in China that is about to be lost.
The basic principle of this procedure is the same as the honeycomb paper ball, which is now widely used as a decoration. So I decided to replace the bellows part with paper.
Comfort and stability are very important for a seat. Paper, this material is very fragile, but it can be extremely strong. Honeycomb structure, corrugated paper are good examples.
Hence, I wanted to combine the beauty of the paper and the stability of the honeycomb structure so that the structure in the center of the accordion was both beautiful and durable.
The red paper structure was made by myself.
I chose a type of red paper with 300g, DIN A3. Red honeycomb structure very traditional Chinese feel.
The honeycomb structure is very stretchy and can be stretched more than ten times longer. At the same time, the upper load-bearing capacity is particularly high and sufficient for the weight of the person.

Size: Height: 45cm
        Longest (Maximal): 2m
Materials: an old accordion, wood, red paper
This work was invited to participate in the 7th "Design for Sitting" competition and won the Excellence Award.
Central academy of fine arts, 
Beijing, China 2016
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