Eye of the Volcano
- Create an artwork by combining different materials.

My inspiration comes from my personal curiosity about the mysterious nature. I've always been excited about natural wonders like volcanoes, and I think it's a powerful symbol of the power of nature. With the continuous development of human society, people take nature less and less seriously and even forget that we are only a small part of nature.
The shape of the volcano was carved from one piece of wood.
The middle part of the volcano was covered with the epoxy resin. I made lots of layers of epoxy. Since the texture of the pupil is intricate, the layers were stacked so I added different materials to each epoxy resin layer to make more effekt. After each layer was dry I added other materials, then covered a layer of epoxy again. The layers were stacked to create a three dimensional effect.

I used the image "crater" as the main body of the work and combine it with the element "human pupil". Because the deep sense of the pupil resembles the abyss of the crater. I want to express the inner inseparable connection between human and nature.​​​​​​​
In the center of the pupil I put a clock inside to create a sense of time. Volcanic eruptions are cyclical and human life is also cyclical, but nature and time are endless.

Size: 60cm * 60cm * 30cm
Material: wood, crystal epoxy, acrylic paint, dried flower petals, clock

Central academy of fine arts,
Beijing, China 2015
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